AI/The true meaning, (Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence/ AI) does not comport with what one might conclude from the denotations of the words (Learning or Artificial Intelligence).

AI is a Mathematical Process for finding a function or mathematical procedure which converts use-cases inputs to use-case outputs that matches the observed values. That way one can use AI to guestimate the results when experimental inputs change from test to test.
Combining many historical examples of a process one wants to model with this mathematical procedure, mentioned above, yields a predictive AI engine.

There are many AI Tools:

  1. Alteryx
  2. Mathematica Machine Learning
  3. Mathematica Machine Learning Use Cases
  4. PyTorch
  5. Snowflake
  6. TensorFlow
  7. Many Many Others

Your problem determinest which tool is the best and easiest for you to use.

Here are interesting videos on AI: