Investment Opportunities

Why do many companies with better products have a market capitalization of one tenth of that of competitors with poor products?

Example: A foundation digging shovel company could have a market capitalization of 100 million dollars while a steam shovel manufacturing company could have a market capitalization of 1 million dollars. This paradox may point to a previously unrecognized business opportunity.

We are experts who recognize these types of paradoxs. These paradoxes will occur more frequently as automation replaces workers with machines 

Since we are Hi-Tech experts, we can help investors spot these opportunities

  1. Medical Practitioner's aid in entering and managing large amouts of patient's medical data.
    1. The System can accept typed input, written input or spoken input, in any of the Microsoft Office365 supported natural languages.  The patient answers questions in their native language, and the medical proctitioner receives the information which is translated to the natural language the practitioner selects.  Both the patient's spoken and/or written input and/or the practitioner's spoken and/or written input are translated to the system's base natural (english) language and inserted into the correct boxes on the sysem input forms.     
    2. The system can be trained to insert the input data into the correct fields in the input forms.
    3. The system can be interfaced with the latest Medical Diagnosis AI Software (Like IBM WATSON)
    4. Johnson & Johnson Pioneering in the Fight Against the World's #1 Cancer Killer Cancer Screening and outcome prediction.
    5. Much More ...

  2. Opportunity: Alpha Radiation detection, monitoring and cumulative dose calculation. The device embodies GPS and is connected to the cloud so individual Alpha Radiation Doses can be calculated and stored. The software produces warnints when the individual Alpha Radiation Dose exceeds allowed dose.
    One of our Associate has a patent on a real-time Alpha Radiation Detector:

  3. Opportunity: Detection, interception and destruction of Hypersonic Nuclear-tipped Russian or Chinese Missiles. A technology for defeating nuclear-tipped hypersonic missiles.

  4. Opportunity:
    Automate Widget Manufacturing and save Millions of Dollars in Salaries, and imcrease product quality and increase company profitability.;