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The Barkley group provides strategic IT services and analytics to enable its Clients to succeed. We bring together a wide variety of people, suppliers, technologies, methods, and materials, in unique ways to create value-added products and high payoff results.

There are many elegant solutions out there looking for problems. Some are open source and others are proprietary. The Barkley Group connects its Clients  with existing solutions. That way Clients only have to pay for solution acquisition and usage and not for expensive and time consuming software development. Never-the-less The Barkley Group can extend existing solution if required.

Reduce Costs and add value to your products:

The Barkley Group, and its network of internationally known experts, aid our Clients in selecting the best new technologies to solve their IT and engineering problems. These solutions require the minimum new lines of code/ script to be written, because they depend heavily on software reuse. So they are usually the least expensive and quickest to implement.

New Technologies:

  1. Often have a steep learning curve.

  2. Embody abstractions whose meaning depends on context, and are therefore difficult to learn and fully appreciate. For example, if c is a car, then c can be an oldsmobile or a cadillac or a ford, etc. and the value of c  is dependent of the problem you are solving.

  3. Decision makers don't usually have the time to spend learning about dozens of new technologies. This is on the outside chance one or more of  of these technologies will reduce costs and increase profits.  So they stick with the old, expensive and time consuming, methods which are in their comfort zone.        

  4. Companies and their decision makers, often have agendas which don't fully embrace efficiency. So little changes until there is a major shakeup in their industries.
  5. The Barkley Group and Its network of "Out of the box" thinkers  identifiess s awesome "Out of the box" solutions to client's problems.

    Many of these problems are "Out of the box problems" in ways which our clients may not have thought of.

    Improve Usefulness of Your Products at a lower development cost:

    Get access to affordable and awesome computational power.

    Develop complex software at 1/10 th to 1/100 th of the usual costs. Here are examples of using Mathematica to make your Reports, written in Mathematica Notebooks and Mathematica numerical models, intuitively interactive. There are many forms of Man Machine Interfaces (MMIs) supported by Mathematica. To see examples of some Mathematica MMI Artifacts click on one of the items a through d. below for a demo for that MMI Artifact .

    1. Sliders
    2. Check Boxes.html
    3. Facial Recognition

    Process models, are usually based on first principles. Add Machine Learning, based on existing data, to your process models, to improve overall accuracy.

    Use robotics to improve your company's efficiency, product quality and earnings.

    The following paragraphs discuss aspects of improving efficiency

    1. Software Development
    2. Mathematical Modeling of Complex Processes Starting from First Principles
    3. Integration of B. with Machine Learning to Produce more Reliable Models
    4. Solution Visualization
    5. Interactive Documents.
    6. Super Computing

    Our technical process is tailored to fit each client's needs, whether it is for one or hundreds of buildings. We use the best available technology to insure satisfactory results.